And so it begins… The Frugal Interior Addict

This is going to be the very first post on this blog and one I’m really excited about because I get to blab about my favourite subject! Interior design! Ok, plus it’s a fun way to keep my mom in check of whats happening as well . So, as we know, I live in the ever so glamorous London… or not. More like I’m always too broke to do anything and now understand how well off we all had it when we still lived with our parents. I mean I literally feel as though at the end every month I’m excited to finally get that paycheque, only to have half of it fly right out my window and into the hands of another person. But, hey-ho I suppose thats life and like everyone else I just grin and accept thats how things roll in London. At least I have a roof over my head! Have to be happy about that fact.

My whole life I’ve managed to more or less work in the same area, which is design. I studied business and marketing and actually managed good grades, but like any uni student, I quickly figured out I have no idea what on earth I wanna do. But somehow something always drew me back to interiors and everything it comes with really. And this is what I want to share with the world.

I want to bring to others what I obsess over… I mean literally obsess over. I can spend eons fussing over a throw for the couch (and oh my god don’t even get me started on the couch factor!). I struggle with – and I know I simply can’t be the only one out there – serious space issues, storage issues, and lastly budget issues. As much as I’d LOVE to have a credit card that never ceases to have funds in it, reality is, I don’t and every time I want to furnish our new flat out with something I have to go out with a very strict budget in mind before I can even start. Finding stylish, yet affordable (and functionable!) solutions for our wee little flat is a constant up-hill battle for me, and I love it!

Being at a certain age now I’ve really come to terms with what it is I like and how I want my everyday surroundings to make me feel. And this is the journey to that.

IMG_4064 IMG_4065 IMG_4066 IMG_4068

The hubs is going to hate me for this, but this was our move in day… no storage what so ever and the bed only came the night before. Mission impossible to get all of our stuff fitted somewhere began. And when I say we had no storage space, I truly and utterly mean it. No attic, no cupboards, no place to hide anything. No place to put a vacuum cleaner into either! Well, now that theres literally a clear picture of where it all began the process of obsessive research can begin 😛

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