Day 40 – Pub & Old Friends

The Owl & Pussycat

Was so great seeing old friends and faces! Been way too long. Spent a nice sunny afternoon at The Owl & Pussycat in Shoreditch. Oscar got way too much love as well 😛

6 thoughts on “Day 40 – Pub & Old Friends

      1. Haha, he does look like you could squeeze him a little too enthusiastically! It just smells great in the winter too doesn’t it… love a good fire! I used to live on Hackney Road so spent many an afternoon in their little outside ‘yard’. I’ve moved west now but I’ll say hello if I’m there again and I spot you both! 🙂

      2. He is and he’s just the sweetest thing ever! We live North, but go East when we can 😛 Now we’re just looking for dog walkers/carers because work starts for me again in a weeks time 😦 And obviously I don’t want to leave poor Oscar alone for such a long time during the day.

      3. Ahhh if only you were southwest I’d volunteer myself as I work from home! But perhaps have a look at this website… I signed up last week as we don’t have a dog but we walk lots so would love to take a dog with us. You might find someone on there as they work in relation to where you live!

      4. Oh damn! I actually already joined that 😛 i’d love to be able to work from home or even be able to bring my dog to work! Thanks for this though Laura! 🙂

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