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As we all know I love my free/cheap high quality things! I’m not sure if you all have been seeing these Tempur ads on the Tube, etc, but I got invited to do the Tempur Challenge a while ago and actually found it to be quite fun. So today I decided I’d write a small snippet about that.


The Tempur Challenge esentially means that you have to try out all 3 different types of matteresses that they have, fill out a survey online, and then in about 10-14 working days you should get a FREE Tempur Travel Pillow worth £60!! I don’t know if many of you know this, but the Tempur material was first developed for Nasa astronauts for space missions. This then trickled down to beds, and now pillows as well.

Tempur Mattress Comparison

We wen’t into Heal’s on Tottenham Court Road to their bedroom floor and told the sales guy there that we were here to do the Tempur Challenge. The sales assistant wasn’t in the best of moods on that particular day and didn’t really seem like helping us out at all to be honest, but he begrudgingly helped us and explained to us what we have to do. Basically, we had to test out each mattress for a minimum of 10 minutes. This meant we just had to lie on each mattress for 10 mins, then move over. Theres a total of 3 different types, so it only took 30 minutes and honestly was kind of the perfect way to spend a Sunday. I mean how can you complain about having to do nothing, but lie in bed 😛 The experience would have been made 110% perfect if the sales guy would have given us even a smile or even tried to explain a little about the mattresses, but its ok because unknown to him I already have quite a bit of knowledge. Plus It also meant we got to lie in peace and read the labels ourselves. Anyway, after we had done our part we went back to him and got a coupon that you can use exclusively at Heal’s and an online link to claim your Free Tempur Travel Pillow. Again the sales assistant didn’t really bother up-selling or asking us anything when we finished the Challenge, but I suppose I do understand that he probably knows that 90% of people just want a free pillow. We then made our way home, I filled out the survey, and voila in under a week I received the Free Tempur Travel Pillow! I actually really want the whole set now, but where on earth am I going to get £1800-£2300. My Memory Foam mattress is still serving us juuust fine thank you very much 😀

Tempur Original MattressTempur Original MattressTempur Sensation MattressTempur Sensation MattressTempur Cloud MattressTempur Cloud Mattress

All in all I definitely enjoyed the ‘Original’ mattress the most. Probably because I am already so used to memory foam and I just felt like that mattress gave the most amount of support. It comes in at £2280 for 2 single mattresses. Second place went to the ‘Sensation’ mattress as I can understand why people who are used to sprung mattresses would enjoy it. It was lighter, but gave great support as well. It comes in at £1815 for a kingsize. And third place would probably go to the ‘Cloud’ mattress as it was a mix of all in one, but somehow for me it didn’t hit the spot. This one came in at £1815 as well. These are all on sale by the way at Heal’s! Also you can get £50 off with the coupon if you really like them and can afford one !! But mattresses really are very personal at the end of the day. We just happened to like the ‘Original’ one the most, because like I said, I think we are already very used to having a memory foam mattress and enjoy the support it gives. And of course the ‘Original’ mattress had to be the most expencive 😛 Just my luck.

Tempur ChallengeAs an end note I highly suggest going to Heal’s and having a little lie down! Even if it is just for the free pillow or because you really do want a Tempur bed! It only takes 30 minutes and an easy online survey. It’s also the perfect time to do it as like I said they are giving away £50 off on top of the discount they’re offering! But be quick as they’re only valid until the 27th of May 2014! Does anyone here own a Tempur bed? What is your favourite one and can you help give tips as well? 🙂 Hope this helped some people realise what the options are out there for Tempur beds and if not for that then for the chance to grab a free Tempur Travel Pillow! Ah, its so lush, I’m actually using it now too while typing and keeping an eye over our little Oscar 😛

Tempur Challenge Pillow

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  1. I also liked the original mattress, but my favourite of all Tempur beds online are mattresses from the cloud collection. As the name may suggest, it’s just like sleeping on a cloud! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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