Day 85 – Oscar’s Pedigree!!

Oscars Pedigree

It’s finally come!! Haha! Oscars 5 generation pedigree chart!! And wow all I can say is … wow! Lol! Some of these names can keep me amused for hours. So according to the pedigree Oscars name is Freddies Ripper (we have never chosen that name, but hey-ho its what it is). To us Oscars full pedigree name will forever be Oscar Peanut Louis the 3rd! And my lord even some of his humpty-dumpty ancestors were imported from the states! Imagine getting flown to somewhere just to have sex! Haha 😀 Gotta love the escort Boston Terrier lifestyle 😉 It is now 1000% official, all his papers and documents are in our names. Enjoy the hilarious names everyone! Whats your favourite one? I’m torn between quite a few to be honest ;P 

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