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Day 89 -Sun, Sea, & Holiday in Spain!! :D

Playamar, Spain

I am beyond ecstatic about this holiday!! It took me over a month to actually arrange it as we will be flying with our little Boston Terrier puppy, Oscar. For those of you flying to/from the UK with pets you know what a nightmare it is.. BUT I finally figured out the route, and the flights, AND found a place via Airbnb that accepts pets!! We’re off in September for a lovely 2 weeks of pure relaxation! I wanted to go as low down in Spain as possible, without being super far away from the airport because travelling with pets can be a bit of a tricky thing. So islands sadly for us were a no no. I found this studio at Playamar beach in Torremolinos, Malaga, Spain and it was just so perfect. Plus the host was super nice with all my questions and let us take Oscar with us, so for me the hunt was finally over. I finalised the overnight ferry trip with cabins from Harwich to Hook of Holland via Stenaline. Then bought the flights from Iberia from Amsterdam to Malaga direct and phoned up to reserve the spots for Oscar. And have now as well booked a visit to the vet to make sure all his papers are in order to avoid that horrendosity that was the trip through Holland last time :/

I just can’t believe I’ve actually managed all this!! Really, I can’t. At points it just felt like it was impossible to get to Spain and have a nice holiday with our little boy. Or have a holiday anywhere, besides back at home and in the UK, with our little dog. And I actually managed all of it without breaking the bank! This is all thanks to Airbnb and Alain, our host. This will be my first time using it, so expect a follow up review after the holiday 🙂 The studio we will be staying at has all the amenities that we required (biggest of which was pet friendly) and is a step away from the beach. It even has a pool! Woohoo! I’m so excited I just can’t put it all into words. This holiday is absolutely a neccessity for both my partner and I and I just know I’m going to love staying in Malaga ❤ Less than 4 weeks to go now! AAAHHHHH JUST CAN’T WAIT!!!

P.s. For any of you thinking of travelling to Spain from the UK with your pet don’t hesitate to ask me for the best routes. Believe me, I struggled and did way too much research as usual.

Day 88 – GBK Family Day Out


GBK BurgersAs you might remember I said I had today off for a Family Day Out. We didn’t have the best start to our day as a water mains burst in our area, which meant we didn’t have water until 9pm tonight :/ Needless to say we were a bit late for the event, but at least we made it! Better late than never, right? 🙂 Forgot the last time I had a bucket shower (with water bought from the local offie), haha 😀 Anyway, we finally get to Richmond and have a wonderful time with drinks, burgers, bouncy castles, cotton candy, popcorn, ice cream, tug-o-war, and donuts.. I have definitely pigged out today.. and I couldn’t care less about the calorie count! 😀 Companies should really have more of these days out. It was just such a great way to interact and remind everyone else that everyone you work with is human after all. Thank you GBK for the yummy burgers and for the fun day! Now knackered at home and able to finally take that shower. Hubs and I are satisfied and I’m sure our hearts are slightly hating us at the moment. Not a bad Tuesday if I do say so myself! Now for another 4 days of work and then its weeekeeenndddd tiiimeee againnnnnn ❤

P.S. The GBK team actually beat the rugby team! Hah! 

GBK Family Day Out GBK Family Day Out GBK Family Day Out

 GBK Family Day OutGBK Family Day Out GBK Family Day Out GBK Family Day Out GBK Family Day Out GBK Family Day Out GBK Family Day Out GBK Family Day Out

Day 87 – Note From The Boss…

Miss You Already

Still hungover from going out on Saturday during the weekend and of course having the usual ‘Monday Blues’ I wasn’t really that thrilled with the knowledge that I had to spend 9 hours of my day at the office… But thankfully as I was walking in I had a tingly sensation that there was something happening this week.. so I checked my calendar and realised that I actually have tomorrow off!! Woohoo! I had completely forgotten that I had booked it off to spend a ‘Family Day Out’ with my partner. This of course didn’t help with the fact that I still needed to sit the 9 hours at the desk. Made it more bearable, but didn’t really help. I then make my way to my desk and see a shiny little note attached to it. And, awwww, THAT totally made my day! My Boss (Ayo) is now on holiday in Korea and actually took the time out of her day to write a little note for us all. I know it’s not much at all, but I’ve never had a boss write me a personal note like that! I love her ❤ She’s amazing.. AND she gets my humour! Very, very rare! Ayo thank you for the note and I hope you have a wonderful holiday! We all miss you too and can’t wait for you to be back in the office again! xxx