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Can you be happy for 100 days in a row? The question I’m going to attempt to answer for the next 100 days!

Day 68 – Hog Roast

Hog Roast

Ok I may be slightly addicted to these… But damn they are so good! Hog roast from the Archway Saturday Market. I think even the market guys are starting to know me by now :/ Yum yum yum! Plus its literally just down the road from us so its hard NOT to get one ;P I Think I’ll try the coffee guy next week as well! Now for more fluids as I am beyond hungover today *bleh*

Day 67 – Delicious Raspberries

Delicious Scandinavian Raspberries

Is it just me or does anyone else get seriously reminded of a good Scandinavian summer when they eat proper delicious raspberries? I just had the most wonderful batch and I swear it’s like I’m sitting back at home in Finland with the sound of water all around me and the hot sun on my skin! Ahhh, memories ❤ Nothing beats a Scandi summer!! 

Day 66 – Men Holding Hands

Two Men Holding Hands

I’ve recently started to notice this in random places (not in Soho!) and more close to home. Saw it happen last week and thought “aww, how sweet!” and again today! I’m not a very hand holdy type of person… but I do have to admit that I’m glad I’m seeing more of this happen. Especially in areas I wouldn’t even expect it to! I love how two men holding hands is now more accepted and not really even stared at! I hope one day soon it’ll be as normal as children running around or birds flying above 🙂 Keep it up guys! 😉

Day 65 – Ripped Chinos

Ripped Chinos


I can’t stop laughing over this! And here’s my boyfriend always saying I’m the young and crazy drunken one! 😛 Hah! He stumbles in at silly o’clock last night and only in the morning realises that he’s spent a good chunk of the night singing karaoke and dancing on tables with ripped chinos.. right-on-the-money maker! Lol, can’t help but laugh, and love the guy for it ❤ I love you my silly billy! 😛

Day 64 – Denim Patches

Denim Patch

Yayz! The denim patches that I ordered for my jeans finally came! This is going to be the first time in my life that I’m actually going to patch a pair of jeans instead of just buying new ones! But I figured in a world where we constantly just throw away stuff, why not for once try and fix something. If it doesn’t work then hey-ho, I spent a pound. I’m sure I’ll survive that loss 😛 Hopefully my crotch will soon be less drafty! 


Day 63 – Locked Out, Thank God For Friends!!

Jaakko & Oscar

I’ve been dying a slow painful death today via hangover.. And finally when I thought my day was saved by pizza and a movie night in… I get locked out of our flat while taking Oscar out for his walk… I asked myself while sweating, shaking, and suffering from heart palpitations “Why God, Whyyyyy?! Why today? Why noooow??”, but Thank heavens for best-friends and spare keys! This is a shout out to all those people out there that have best-friends that are willing to travel through London to let you in to your flat again! Thank you Jaakko for being such a wonderful person and a good friend!! ❤

Day 62 – Drag Queen & A Day Out with Friends


Drag Queen

Sooooooooo, I might have had a feeeeew too many with friends on Saturday! It was so fantastic catching up though! And I almost forgot how much I appreciate a good drag performance! This lady was insane! As were her outfits (this actually lit up when all the lights were turned off! So cool!). What-a-night! 


Day 61 – Pay Day!!

Pay Day

Oh thank the Heavens above!! Pay Day has come! It couldn’t come at a better time! Having been unemployed and still not having been paid from my previous job I was seriously low on the old moolah! It might have only been a semi-half pay, but it’s still better than nothing! I almost got excited and said to myself “Yay! I can finally go out and!! .. and!!… oh wait, no, I can go out and pay everyone back.. yup, thats what I can do now.” Lol. But its still a positive thing! And I do enjoy my days/nights in cuddling our lil money leech 😛

P.s. can anyone else relate to the clip below about living in London and Pay Day? Why does it always feel like when we get paid, more than its fare share gets tossed out the window at our landlords or alike? 😀




Day 60 – Britain’s Got Talent: Lettice Rowbotham

Lettice Rowbotham


I hardly ever root for anyone or have any super favourites… but I sincerely hope this crazyass posh woman wins! Every single time I see her perform my eyes are glued to screen! She is the craziest, sexiest, poshest, most talented violinist I have ever seen and I would actually pay good money to see her perform!! Lettice, please continue to rock it and continue on being your mad genius self! Couldn’t get her most recent performance, but her first audition is below in case people STILL don’t know who I’m talking about ;P

P.s. Guuuuurl I NEED to have a glass of wine with you.. or two.. or three! 

Day 59 – Puppy Pre-school Graduation!!! <3

Zasman Vet Pre-School Puppy Graduate

Zasman Vet Pre-School Puppy GraduateZasman Vet Pre-School Puppy GraduateZasman Vet Pre-School Puppy Graduate








He’s done it! He’s graduated! Our baby is growing up so fast! He was the only puppy to have known as many tricks as he does. Only puppy to never have peed or pooped in the class! Only puppy to get along with everyone and in general was just the most chilled and beloved 😀 I am so so so proud of our little Boston Terrier, Oscar ❤ First milestone done, but the work doesn’t stop here, still lots to be done! But lets all get together and give the lil guy a high paw!! 

Zasman Vet Pre-School Puppy Graduate