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Day 52 – Honeywell Fan

Honeywell Oscillating Pedestal Fan.

Our black Honeywell oscillating pedestal fan came! This summer the hubs and I are preparing ourselves early!! No more hunting down the last fans in London due to heat-waves! No more having to manually try and start a fan by spinning it by hand for 5 minutes. It’s all set up now and came super quickly! Thankfull we have an Argos just down the road and got it for £39.99 😛 Come on heat waves! I dare you to challenge us this summer! 

Day 51 – SturdiBag


Thanks again to our friend and Oscar carer Maya for being in today, we got our large black SturdiBag dog carrier today! It was so easy to set up and oh my gosh does it squish down into the smallest of spaces!! I am SO glad we ended up buying this! All I had to do was stick in the mattress that came with it and Oscar was already crawling inside. Something tells me he will take to his new bag with ease 😛 If anyone was debating to get a Sturdibag then I say go for it! I found ours from Zooplus.co.uk that had a sale on for £49.90, but I secretly got an additional 10% off as well so only paid £44.91 down from £100+ from some sites! Score! Seriously, this bag is so great!! Can’t wait to use it when we fly to Finland next month!

Day 44 – 99p Store

99p Store

Ok I know this might be sad… but I’m genuinely so happy we finally have a 99p store around the corner! It’s right between a Co-op and a Sainsburys and I’m sorry, but why the hell would I spend £3 for Listerine, or £3.50 for 1.5l of Tropicana orange juice, or £2.60 for a tiny Soya Sauce bottle, when I can get all of the exact same branded products in 99p.. for 99p?!? Not to mention I don’t even have to walk to ‘go out of my way’ to save because it’s literally on my way home?? I say YAY for 99p! 😀 😀

Free Tempur Pillow

As we all know I love my free/cheap high quality things! I’m not sure if you all have been seeing these Tempur ads on the Tube, etc, but I got invited to do the Tempur Challenge a while ago and actually found it to be quite fun. So today I decided I’d write a small snippet about that.


The Tempur Challenge esentially means that you have to try out all 3 different types of matteresses that they have, fill out a survey online, and then in about 10-14 working days you should get a FREE Tempur Travel Pillow worth £60!! I don’t know if many of you know this, but the Tempur material was first developed for Nasa astronauts for space missions. This then trickled down to beds, and now pillows as well.

Tempur Mattress Comparison

We wen’t into Heal’s on Tottenham Court Road to their bedroom floor and told the sales guy there that we were here to do the Tempur Challenge. The sales assistant wasn’t in the best of moods on that particular day and didn’t really seem like helping us out at all to be honest, but he begrudgingly helped us and explained to us what we have to do. Basically, we had to test out each mattress for a minimum of 10 minutes. This meant we just had to lie on each mattress for 10 mins, then move over. Theres a total of 3 different types, so it only took 30 minutes and honestly was kind of the perfect way to spend a Sunday. I mean how can you complain about having to do nothing, but lie in bed 😛 The experience would have been made 110% perfect if the sales guy would have given us even a smile or even tried to explain a little about the mattresses, but its ok because unknown to him I already have quite a bit of knowledge. Plus It also meant we got to lie in peace and read the labels ourselves. Anyway, after we had done our part we went back to him and got a coupon that you can use exclusively at Heal’s and an online link to claim your Free Tempur Travel Pillow. Again the sales assistant didn’t really bother up-selling or asking us anything when we finished the Challenge, but I suppose I do understand that he probably knows that 90% of people just want a free pillow. We then made our way home, I filled out the survey, and voila in under a week I received the Free Tempur Travel Pillow! I actually really want the whole set now, but where on earth am I going to get £1800-£2300. My Memory Foam mattress is still serving us juuust fine thank you very much 😀

Tempur Original MattressTempur Original MattressTempur Sensation MattressTempur Sensation MattressTempur Cloud MattressTempur Cloud Mattress

All in all I definitely enjoyed the ‘Original’ mattress the most. Probably because I am already so used to memory foam and I just felt like that mattress gave the most amount of support. It comes in at £2280 for 2 single mattresses. Second place went to the ‘Sensation’ mattress as I can understand why people who are used to sprung mattresses would enjoy it. It was lighter, but gave great support as well. It comes in at £1815 for a kingsize. And third place would probably go to the ‘Cloud’ mattress as it was a mix of all in one, but somehow for me it didn’t hit the spot. This one came in at £1815 as well. These are all on sale by the way at Heal’s! Also you can get £50 off with the coupon if you really like them and can afford one !! But mattresses really are very personal at the end of the day. We just happened to like the ‘Original’ one the most, because like I said, I think we are already very used to having a memory foam mattress and enjoy the support it gives. And of course the ‘Original’ mattress had to be the most expencive 😛 Just my luck.

Tempur ChallengeAs an end note I highly suggest going to Heal’s and having a little lie down! Even if it is just for the free pillow or because you really do want a Tempur bed! It only takes 30 minutes and an easy online survey. It’s also the perfect time to do it as like I said they are giving away £50 off on top of the discount they’re offering! But be quick as they’re only valid until the 27th of May 2014! Does anyone here own a Tempur bed? What is your favourite one and can you help give tips as well? 🙂 Hope this helped some people realise what the options are out there for Tempur beds and if not for that then for the chance to grab a free Tempur Travel Pillow! Ah, its so lush, I’m actually using it now too while typing and keeping an eye over our little Oscar 😛

Tempur Challenge Pillow

Little White Shabby Chic Table

I have to start off by saying I had tons of fun yesterday at a friends BBQ and Birthday in Holloway.. and yes I am now slightly suffering the consequences 😛 So I do apologise If what I’m going to write today might not be the most Shakespearean of pieces, but I will do my best! 🙂

Holloway Penthouse View
The gorgeous view of London from my friends flat in Holloway yesterday at the BBQ

This then brings us to our bedroom, which is an ok size. I mean it fits a double bed, built in wardrobes, and theres still a little bit of room to walk around. However, having huge nightstands or bedside tables wouldn’t be the wisest of choices. Well ok lets be honest here, they wouldn’t fit.

Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table.

I had a 30cm gap to play with, and let me tell you this, finding a table or stand that looks nice and is in a good budget in that small of a space is tricky!! I tried to think outside of the box and even went so far as to look at piano stools, plant stands, and old vintage phone stands. All were OK options, but for some reason just didn’t resonate with me. They were also all a tad too high, and you don’t really want a bedside table next to you where you have to reach up to get a glass of water or put your book on. Imagine knocking the table in your sleep a little and oops, the glass falls, and it all dribbles on top of your head. It’s not something I’d like, so i’m assuming I can’t be alone on that one :/

Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table.

I turned to eBay once again and found this store that does quite cute and shabby-chic French style furniture. I then found a table that really looked like it might fit! A shabby chic French style small side table. Although it was in a golden colour with French text on it that wasn’t quite my taste, I still liked it. I’ve attached pictures of the tables the shop owner has in store now as I can’t find the pictures of the golden one anymore. He has tons of items incase anyone wants to check it out! I sent the shop owner a message to get the measurements of the table. He responded on the same day and told me the measurements, which were (if I remember right) 25cm deep, 35 cm wide, and 40 cm high. That could not have been more perfect! The original table had some French writing on it and like I said was in a gold colour. I couldn’t see any other versions on his website, but before purchasing I decided to just go ahead and ask if he possibly has other ones in other colours that might not be up on eBay yet. Once again, he responded on the same day, courteous as ever, and actually told me that If I wanted he could make a table from scratch to my exact liking if I wanted him to! It would only take a few days he said, and would cost the same amount as the original table (which might I add was a steal at £29.95!! including P&P). I think he might have changed his P&P since then, but hey you never know if you don’t ask like I did, you might just get it for free or cheaper! 😛 Either way it would still be £35.90, which is still a bargain for a ‘made just for you’ product! I then told him I wanted one in the same size, but without writing on it, and in just an off-white colour. He even went so far as to ask me what kind of finishing varnish I wanted on it! I told him to do whatever he thought was best as he is the pro 🙂

White Shabby chic. French style side table. White Shabby chic. French style side table.

After about a week I got my product delivered in perfect condition. I absolutely love the small table! It fits in perfectly and I know that if I ever need to I can use it for different rooms in our house or if we ever move again I can definitely use the table in a different setting. This is one of the reasons I do like eBay or Etsy.. because you can ask the shop owners for things and 90% of the time they are more than happy to help out. I also much prefer giving my money to a hand crafted item that was made just for us, knowing that it will support a small business owner. If given the option I will always go down that route. Next time you see something that you really like, but might not be 100% exactly there yet, then why not just send a message to the shop owner! You never know, you might get a brilliant response from an owner like William from Willamfurniture! 

White Shabby chic. French style side table.

Day 30 – Microchip

Battersea Dogs & Cats HomeToday we went to the Battersea Dogs & Cats home in London with the hubs to get our wee little pup microchipped! It was his first outing and trip on the tube and he did SO well! The vets loved him as well and so did the tube onlookers 🙂 Oh and as a side note; anyone who wants to get their pet microchipped head over to Battersea, because you can have it done there for free and save £30! As of 2016 its going to be a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped so might as well get it while its still free 🙂 Vets usually charge from £25-£40 for the service. We also purchased a few items from the Battersea shop to support their great causes! Heck, why not! We just saves ourselves £30 😛 

2 Piece Laundry/Storage Set – Handy and crafty!

I thought as I’ve been sitting at home sneezing and coughing away and finally had enough energy to make myself some mushroom, rice, and chicken soup that I would sit down and update my blog as well.

Premier Housewares 2-Piece Laundry Bin Set

I personally hate seeing laundry. It’s just gross. I mean who wants to sit in any room and have to stare at used undies or smelly socks? So when it comes to laundry I always think “out of sight, out of mind” is the way to go. I spent ages looking for a laundry set that would look nice, be in a budget, tie in with our bamboo/natural wood theme, and as usual serve another function than just a laundry bin. I finally found one on ACHICA, yet again! They had a brilliant sale on and I got the set for less than £50! The set comes in a D-shape, so a half circle basically. I really liked this as I could easily push it up against the wall and make the space seem a bit larger. Not only that, but it has a comfy lil cushion top, which means it can also act as an occasional seat for surprise guests or parties. Actually, to be honest, I used both pieces as seats on my birthday a few months ago! Worked brilliantly!

Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set

I decided to use the larger “basket” as the actual laundry basket that we now use in the bathroom. It’s also nice because after a long bath you can have a comfy seat on it afterwards and your *ahem* bits don’t have to suffer the cold of the toilet seat. Not to mention it hides all the laundry as well 😀 The smaller piece of the set I decided to use in our entrance hallway as a small storage stool as well as a stool to sit on while you put on your shoes. It now houses a lot of random bits and bobs and things we want when we go out and quickly need them e.g. our umbrella, our picnic bits, etc.

Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set

You can find cheaper versions made in wicker or sea grass, but I just personally like bamboo more and thought I might as well spend the extra £5-10 on something I like looking at, but it’s of course completely up to you! Do bare in mind though that those versions tend to not withstand weight a lot and can’t be used as seats..

Premier Housewares Laundry Bin Round Set

If you want to check out the Premier Range then head over to ACHICA, Wayfair, eBay, or then Variety as they seem to be selling them as well. The range comes in the D-Shape, Round, or Rectangular. If you want something more wooden then check out Ikea, they have a storage unit a tad similar and you can always buy a cushion for the top if you want! I’m now going to make myself yet another Lemsip as my head is not my best friend at the moment 😦 Stay healthy y’all!

Premier Housewares 41 cm Storage Set Premier Housewares Laundry Bin Rectangular

Day 23 – Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Trying to stay positive while having a mild fever and a serious cold! Decided to look out our windows today and found out that the flowers we potted in February are now finally starting to grow! YAY! So of course I went on a watering frenzy 😛  Actually have no idea what we potted anymore, so it shall all be a surprise when they bloom! 😀