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Day 77 – Tupla, The Chocolate Bar…Mmm


Welcome. Say Hello to Tupla. The worlds most delicious chocolate bar.. ever. With a delicious soft middle with light nuts coating the outside and then further dipped in chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmm! I am so addicted to these. My sister and I always have to sneakily either steal some from one another, get our mom to bring us a bag full, or then fly to Finland ourselves just to stock up on them. We even have a thing where we go “Isosisko verot” or “Pikkuveli verot”, which basically means we are taxing each other for being each others siblings. And the price of that tax? A bite of Tupla! Just had another one today from my dwindling supply and my lord… ahhh, they are just SO DAMN GOOD! I HAVE to start importing these to the UK. These and Lonkero (tell you about those later).. I’d be a millionaire. Where do I learn the import trade from I wonder? Thank heavens I’m going back to Finland this Friday to celebrate Summer solstice and for my fix of all things Finnish! ❤