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Day 74 – Gnold


Ok, so I come home and think to myself when I get to the kitchen table “ouuhhh shiiinnyyy! Is it a real gold coin?? What is it??” Β And when I finally get close enough to inspect it – I burst out laughing. I mean.. what the heck? WHAT is this coin?! How did it get to our house and onto our dinner table?! Lol!! For those of short sight it says “Gnomeland Devonia Gnold”. I do remember saying I wanted to win the lottery today at work, but I think the universe somehow misheard me. Lol. Seriously I still cant stop laughing every time I look at that coin. WHERE did it come from?! Gnold from Gnomeland?? Really? I somehow have a feeling my sister has been to our house and is filming me as we speak watching me inspecting this coin. LOL! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€