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Day 81 – Oscar at Our Summer House (Mökki)

Oscar at Mökki

Sorry for the radio silence everyone! Been on holiday at our Summer House in Finland in Rautalampi.. almost smack in the middle of Finland. So you can probably imagine how little of any source of technology worked there. We are finally back after one of the most gruelling trips back ever (thats for another time, believe you me). I thought I’d share a photo today that just makes me smile and laugh every time I see it! Oscar is slowling growing up, and as usual he was a hit everywhere he went. Here he is running through the house as the happy Boston Terrier puppy that he is 😀 Ah, I do love him, I do! ❤ Thank you Harvey for taking all the wonderful pics!!

Day 67 – Delicious Raspberries

Delicious Scandinavian Raspberries

Is it just me or does anyone else get seriously reminded of a good Scandinavian summer when they eat proper delicious raspberries? I just had the most wonderful batch and I swear it’s like I’m sitting back at home in Finland with the sound of water all around me and the hot sun on my skin! Ahhh, memories ❤ Nothing beats a Scandi summer!! 

Day 46 – Juhannus in Finland

Finnair Juhannus Tickets

We could just about get tickets for us to come to Finland for Juhannus! And yes, we are bringing the dog 🙂 (that turned out to be another headache and a half… hope they let him on with his carrier!) A trip to mökki (our summer cottage) is SO overdue!!

Day 19 – Tom of Finland Stamps

Tom of Finland Stamps

I’m happy to see things moving forward in the world. And even though it’s not legal for gay people to marry yet in Finland, at least this is a small step in the direction of recognising a talented ionic gay Finnish artist 🙂 One day soon, one day 🙂 Oh, and can I say “M-mm-mmmmm!” I have a feeling traditional post cards might soon be back in ;P