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Day 87 – Note From The Boss…

Miss You Already

Still hungover from going out on Saturday during the weekend and of course having the usual ‘Monday Blues’ I wasn’t really that thrilled with the knowledge that I had to spend 9 hours of my day at the office… But thankfully as I was walking in I had a tingly sensation that there was something happening this week.. so I checked my calendar and realised that I actually have tomorrow off!! Woohoo! I had completely forgotten that I had booked it off to spend a ‘Family Day Out’ with my partner. This of course didn’t help with the fact that I still needed to sit the 9 hours at the desk. Made it more bearable, but didn’t really help. I then make my way to my desk and see a shiny little note attached to it. And, awwww, THAT totally made my day! My Boss (Ayo) is now on holiday in Korea and actually took the time out of her day to write a little note for us all. I know it’s not much at all, but I’ve never had a boss write me a personal note like that! I love her ❤ She’s amazing.. AND she gets my humour! Very, very rare! Ayo thank you for the note and I hope you have a wonderful holiday! We all miss you too and can’t wait for you to be back in the office again! xxx