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Day 79 – Redundancy Pay!

Redundancy Pay

Thank bejizzle!!! My redundancy money has finally come through!! Oh hallelujah! Seriously this could not have come at a better time! I was getting worried for a moment because I saw all my ex employees receiving theirs and I hadn’t even heard back from the insolvency company yet. Well needless to say 98% of it has gone into paying bills and credit, but hey, its now a huge weight off my shoulders! Thank you insolvency company for being as quick as you could be! 🙂 

Day 73 – Don’t Ever Be Ashamed

Don't Ever Be AshamedAwww this was just too sweet not to post and make me smile! I’m happy to admit I’m strange, and I probably do have a weird little heart, and It’s a good reminder not to be ashamed of what makes that weird little heart happy ❤ I have so many things on that list and I’m so proud they are in my life! It’s something to always strive for no matter what you do in life. If it makes you happy, do it, keep it, hold on to it, and make it last! Because at the end of the day, thats all we have. 

Day 66 – Men Holding Hands

Two Men Holding Hands

I’ve recently started to notice this in random places (not in Soho!) and more close to home. Saw it happen last week and thought “aww, how sweet!” and again today! I’m not a very hand holdy type of person… but I do have to admit that I’m glad I’m seeing more of this happen. Especially in areas I wouldn’t even expect it to! I love how two men holding hands is now more accepted and not really even stared at! I hope one day soon it’ll be as normal as children running around or birds flying above 🙂 Keep it up guys! 😉

Day 61 – Pay Day!!

Pay Day

Oh thank the Heavens above!! Pay Day has come! It couldn’t come at a better time! Having been unemployed and still not having been paid from my previous job I was seriously low on the old moolah! It might have only been a semi-half pay, but it’s still better than nothing! I almost got excited and said to myself “Yay! I can finally go out and!! .. and!!… oh wait, no, I can go out and pay everyone back.. yup, thats what I can do now.” Lol. But its still a positive thing! And I do enjoy my days/nights in cuddling our lil money leech 😛

P.s. can anyone else relate to the clip below about living in London and Pay Day? Why does it always feel like when we get paid, more than its fare share gets tossed out the window at our landlords or alike? 😀




Day 59 – Puppy Pre-school Graduation!!! <3

Zasman Vet Pre-School Puppy Graduate

Zasman Vet Pre-School Puppy GraduateZasman Vet Pre-School Puppy GraduateZasman Vet Pre-School Puppy Graduate








He’s done it! He’s graduated! Our baby is growing up so fast! He was the only puppy to have known as many tricks as he does. Only puppy to never have peed or pooped in the class! Only puppy to get along with everyone and in general was just the most chilled and beloved 😀 I am so so so proud of our little Boston Terrier, Oscar ❤ First milestone done, but the work doesn’t stop here, still lots to be done! But lets all get together and give the lil guy a high paw!! 

Zasman Vet Pre-School Puppy Graduate

Day 50 – New Job (Interior Addict)

Interior Addict

Day 50.. well I’m half way through my 100 and I get to celebrate it by turning a new leaf in a new job 🙂 And what else is interesting, The Frugal Interior Addict ended up working in… Interior Addict! 😛 It’s just too apt 😀 Keep you all posted on my progress when once I get the proper time, but for now its time to go to bed so I can be up and fresh for tomorrow! 😀

Day 49 – London Bus

New London Bus

I almost flipped a shit when the bus driver wouldn’t let me on the bus after handing him a £5 note! I even looked at him and said “seriously..?? I couldn’t have a smaller note on me!!” to which he then replied… “hmm… ok ok sit down. But if a ticket inspector comes, you’re off!” to which I said “oh.. uh.. oh, yea, ok, sure, thank you, no problem!!”. So my day was saved by a free bus ride 😀 Yay! First time ever in London! (took long enough, its been almost 5 years now! lol)

Day 47 – Maya, Our Hair Model Saviour!

Maya Rosengren

Thank you Maya for today and for agreeing to help look after our little baby next week! We officially declared it summer with some Prosecco, berries, and baguettes in the park, while slowly building up our base for our summer tans 😀 Jake, thank you as well for saying you could help us too!! Here’s to some great friends and the beginning of summer 2014 ❤ ❤

Day 46 – Juhannus in Finland

Finnair Juhannus Tickets

We could just about get tickets for us to come to Finland for Juhannus! And yes, we are bringing the dog 🙂 (that turned out to be another headache and a half… hope they let him on with his carrier!) A trip to mökki (our summer cottage) is SO overdue!!