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Day 73 – Don’t Ever Be Ashamed

Don't Ever Be AshamedAwww this was just too sweet not to post and make me smile! I’m happy to admit I’m strange, and I probably do have a weird little heart, and It’s a good reminder not to be ashamed of what makes that weird little heart happy ❤ I have so many things on that list and I’m so proud they are in my life! It’s something to always strive for no matter what you do in life. If it makes you happy, do it, keep it, hold on to it, and make it last! Because at the end of the day, thats all we have. 

Day 66 – Men Holding Hands

Two Men Holding Hands

I’ve recently started to notice this in random places (not in Soho!) and more close to home. Saw it happen last week and thought “aww, how sweet!” and again today! I’m not a very hand holdy type of person… but I do have to admit that I’m glad I’m seeing more of this happen. Especially in areas I wouldn’t even expect it to! I love how two men holding hands is now more accepted and not really even stared at! I hope one day soon it’ll be as normal as children running around or birds flying above 🙂 Keep it up guys! 😉

Day 65 – Ripped Chinos

Ripped Chinos


I can’t stop laughing over this! And here’s my boyfriend always saying I’m the young and crazy drunken one! 😛 Hah! He stumbles in at silly o’clock last night and only in the morning realises that he’s spent a good chunk of the night singing karaoke and dancing on tables with ripped chinos.. right-on-the-money maker! Lol, can’t help but laugh, and love the guy for it ❤ I love you my silly billy! 😛

Day 56 – The Best Traveller

Best Traveller

Oscar is simply the best traveller. Not a peep from him on the way there and on the way back he just slept between us on the seat 😀 I’m also glad to say the antibiotics did the trick and he is feeling himself again! Thank you again Harvey for letting us bring him! We know how you feel about dogs, so it was very much appreciated! xx

Day 42 – Happy Mothers Day/Hyvää Äitienpäivää

Happy Mothers Day Lilly of the Valley Card

Happy Mothers Day (or Hyvää Äitienpäivää in Finnish) to the most wonderful, caring, understanding, patient, wise, and loving mother there really ever can be! I have learned so much from my mother throughout the years and still continue to do so. She is such an inspiration and beacon of light. She is a fierce lioness over all her children (adopted and her own) with the largest heart of gold there is! She is always there to guide me in the right direction without ever telling me what to do, and without ever taking sides. I feel so blessed to have her in my life and can only aspire to be half of who she is! My mother truly is magical ❤ ❤ ❤ Her powers reach far and wide without me ever understanding how 🙂 Thank you for being my mother Äiti Rakas ❤