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Day 84 – Hubby Surprise Salmon Ceviche Dinner Treat

Delicious Ceviche

OOOOOHHHHHH the hubby did GOOOOOOOOD tonight!!! Came home and what was waiting for me when I stepped in? Salmon ceviche made in two different (F*CKING DELICOUS) ways, crayfish salad, crab, chorizo/shrimp/couscous salad, and mango/peanut/chilli salad with Prosecco and a huge bowl of fruit salad for dessert. Omg – omg – omg and can I say omg again? This was just so perfect for this hot weather!! Not to mention I’ve been craving it for MONTHS. I had foodogasmns throughout the whole meal, ate SO much and am euphorically floating on cloud nine now.  This man is totally getting lucky tonight or any other night of this week! Amen, hallelujah, and bon- a-freakin’-ppetite!