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2 Piece Laundry/Storage Set – Handy and crafty!

I thought as I’ve been sitting at home sneezing and coughing away and finally had enough energy to make myself some mushroom, rice, and chicken soup that I would sit down and update my blog as well.

Premier Housewares 2-Piece Laundry Bin Set

I personally hate seeing laundry. It’s just gross. I mean who wants to sit in any room and have to stare at used undies or smelly socks? So when it comes to laundry I always think “out of sight, out of mind” is the way to go. I spent ages looking for a laundry set that would look nice, be in a budget, tie in with our bamboo/natural wood theme, and as usual serve another function than just a laundry bin. I finally found one on ACHICA, yet again! They had a brilliant sale on and I got the set for less than ¬£50! The set comes in a D-shape, so a half circle basically. I really liked this as I could easily push it up against the wall and make the space seem a bit larger. Not only that, but it has a comfy lil cushion top, which means it can also act as an occasional seat for surprise guests or parties. Actually, to be honest, I used both pieces as seats on my birthday a few months ago! Worked brilliantly!

Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set

I decided to use the larger “basket” as the actual laundry basket that we now use in the bathroom. It’s also nice because after a long bath you can have a comfy seat on it afterwards and your *ahem* bits don’t have to suffer the cold of the toilet seat. Not to mention it hides all the laundry as well ūüėÄ The smaller piece of the set I decided to use in our entrance¬†hallway as a small storage stool as well as a stool to sit on while you put on your shoes. It now houses a lot of random bits and bobs and things we want when we go out and quickly need them e.g. our umbrella, our picnic bits, etc.

Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set

You can find cheaper versions made in wicker or sea grass, but I just personally like bamboo more and thought I might as well spend the extra ¬£5-10 on something I like looking at, but it’s of course completely up to you! Do bare in mind though that those versions tend to not withstand weight a lot and can’t be used as seats..

Premier Housewares Laundry Bin Round Set

If you want to check out the Premier Range then head over to ACHICA, Wayfair, eBay, or then Variety as they seem to be selling them as well. The range comes in the D-Shape, Round, or Rectangular. If you want something more wooden then check out Ikea, they have a storage¬†unit a tad similar and you can always buy a cushion for the top if you want! I’m now going to make myself yet another Lemsip as my head is not my best friend at the moment ūüė¶ Stay healthy y’all!

Premier Housewares 41 cm Storage Set Premier Housewares Laundry Bin Rectangular

Interior Inspiration! William Morris – Love for Design

Standen House

‚ÄúHave nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.‚ÄĚ – William Morris

A quote I couldn’t agree with more! Today I decided that I really wanted to write about where interior design influence can come from. Especially where I tend to get inspiration from as what influences people can vary and is always personal. I love interior design and my inspiration comes from the people around me, my background, my work life, and a lot of the time simply the places I visit.

Standen House Standen House Standen House Standen House Standen HouseStanden House



Last year before we moved into our new flat I had the privilege of going into the famous Standen house in Sussex, which is actually part of the National Trust sites since 1972. I went with my sister who had a membership to National Trust sites in the UK, so I was lucky as I got to spend some quality time with just her on a beautiful spring day, for free! ūüėÄ Thats one person that always inspires me, whether it be interior design or not. She’s artistic and incredible, so the tour of the site was just a huge added bonus.

Standen House Standen House Standen House Standen House Standen House Standen House

For those of you who don’t know much about the site¬† or house I’ll just give a brief description. The building of the house started in 1891 and was finished in 1984 at a cost of¬†¬£18,065. My God what I wouldn’t do to be able to recreate something with the same budget ūüėõ ¬†And following what William Morris said¬†‚ÄėA house should be clothed by its garden‚Äô. William Morris (1834‚Äď1896) was one of the¬†single most influential designers of the nineteenth century. He was more than just a designer, and under his guidance and influence¬†the Morris & Co.¬†firm flourished into the fashionable decorating firm it is still to this day. The house was designed to compliment the garden and vice versa, and it was purposely done so that the house and garden are seen together as one large design. The gardens of the gorgeous house were created by¬†Margaret Beale, who happened to be the lady of the house ūüôā She was fascinated by plants, and thus had a strong influence on how the gardens came to be.¬†¬†This said Morris made sure to bring the outside back in. The house is filled with floral prints and stunning inspiration from the garden. The house is chalk full¬†with Morris carpets, fabrics and wallpapers. As we walked through I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of colour, intensity, and design that went into it. It was like walking through a work of art. At points it was overpowering for sure, because as I’ve stated before, I love my simple clean lines, but I couldn’t help but be in awe and a bit jealous if I’m honest, of such a stunning house. I could only imagine what it was like to live there over 100 years ago. Having said that however, a lot of the designs and prints in that house are used to this day. If not directly, then definitely influentially.

Standen House Standen House Standen House Standen House

We ended our lovely walk with the sites caf√©’s own baked cakes and organic juices. It was too yum to even express in words! I also noticed the house did a lot of family fun times, like easter egg hunting for example. So its a great place to go and just have a family moment outside as well. The house is filled with facts and daily routines of the people that lived there. The gardens were superb and I could really tell why Mrs. Beale was so fascinated by plants, because she really did have a wonderful array of them! The house definitely inspired me in terms of colours and prints and its something I still carry with me today. I’ve never seen a house that literally didn’t have a corner of it decorated in some sense or another. So, if you’re ever wondering where to get inspiration from… then sometimes it really is as easy as walking outside and looking around. Or simply taking a trip with your sibling or spouse and making a day of it. I get inspired everyday by something. But rarely do I get blown away by the sheer amount of artistry in one spot! If you need some colour in your life or even just a bit of delicious carrot cake. Then go and have ¬†a snoop around Standen house! You won’t come back looking at prints the same way again, I promise you!

Standen House Standen House

Standen HouseStanden HouseStanden HouseStanden HouseStanden House

Standen House
‚ÄúThe true secret of happiness lies in the taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē William Morris


Bamboo – Natural, elegant, cheap, durable, & sustainable.

Bamboo Header

Bamboo, where do I even start? This little evergreen is one of the most versatile plants. It can virtually be used for anything. From houses in Asia, to luxurious Gucci bags on the high streets of Kensington. From the simple chopping boards, to beautiful works of furniture art. ¬†It’s even a food for one of the cutest (and one of the most pointless) animals around! The snuggly Panda! There really aren’t limits to what this amazingly apt tree can do.

Panda Eating Bamboo Princess Diana Gucci Bamboo Bag

I personally love the way bamboo looks. Maybe its because for 14 years I stared at a lot of bamboo in various forms growing up in Asia. I even ate out of it! To me it looks clean, modern, and earthy, but also has a twist of the old mystical times of South East Asia. The great thing about bamboo is that it grows insanely fast, in certain areas some varieties are actually reported to have grown 250cm in 24 HOURS! You can literally sit there in front of it and actually WATCH it grow! It is the fastest growing plant on the planet. Add to that the fact its sturdy and looks stunning, well hey, you got yourself an amazing little gift from Mother Nature.

Bamboo Box LargeThe best factor however for me is that bamboo tends to be really cheap, even though it can look expensive (and of course it can be too if you want that!). Like I’ve mentioned before I like to keep things clean and tidy and clutter free. I recently did a trip to Ikea and saw a little bamboo container there for ¬£9 as a set of two. To Large Bamboo Boxme, thats a bargain! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! As you all know by now¬†storage means everything to me, especially in this flat. And what do you think boxes are for? Si se√Īor, storage! The first larger one (the smaller one is in the larger box) I wanted to use in the bedroom to hide all of the hubbies lotions and perfumes. The second I wanted in the bathroom just to have a place to ‘contain’ our toothbrushes and Smaller Bamboo Boxtoothpastes so as to at least attempt to make it more organised. You can even use the ‘lids’ of the boxes for something, or to even elevate them like I did for the smaller box in the bathroom. The sizes are great and can even fit on small ledges and shelves. Bamboo also seems to have a soothing affect on me. Somehow I don’t think its as harsh looking as other types of materials.

After I bought those two items, the theme of bambooing up the bathroom/flat really began. You can’t just sprinkle random bits and bobs in areas when you decorate. Interior design wise and feng shui wise rooms need to flow and need to seem like you aren’t stepping from¬†one extreme into another. I’m a member of ACHICA ‘The members only Luxury Lifestyle Store’¬†and they¬†do great flash sale offers on¬†luxury items (a¬†lot of which I’ve actually sold in my previous jobs). You have to wait for the products to arrive, but its always worth the wait.¬†Luckily, I stumbled across a gorgeous bamboo range on the same week called ‘Premier’. They had tons of things I found attractive, but as always my frugalness came out as well as¬†my need to only buy what I needed.

Bamboo Hand SoapNot to forget that I can’t just buy everything, I have very limited space to play with. I ended up getting a ceramic¬†lotion¬†dispenser with a bamboo stand¬† for hand soap as well as a Bamboo Loo Brushceramic loo brush with a bamboo stand! The dispenser cost ¬£4.5 and the loo brush was ¬£11.50! Absolute steals! I’ve seen this same sale pop up a few times on ACHICA so I wouldn’t be surprised if it came up again! It’s a great place to find truly exquisite things for much much cheaper. I really love them! They bring me back to Asia in a sense, but with a European flare. If your into sustainability, elegance, durability, and simplicity then bamboo products are definitely for you! Bamboo is unquestionably on trend at the moment and suits almost all interiors. Come on everyone, lets help our planet, our wallets, and our interiors by sprucing up some, and getting some bamboo beauties!

Bamboo Header

Crates/Wooden Boxes – Storage never looked so good or natural!


I kind of have a thing for crates and wooden boxes. They’re so adaptable and look great! Not to mention either cheap or even free (if you know where to look), and guess what – have storage! For me thats already everything I need. They tend to come in good sizes as well so you can fit them into small spaces, which is exactly how we ended up using them. I used to work in a place that got a delivery of¬†Saxhyttegubben Bl√•bar juice and they delivered the juices in these beautiful wooden crates. Those¬†crates were then never collected back by the company so we either had to throw them away or, if you smart like me, keep them! Oh and as a side note the juices are SO delicious! Really hit the good ol’ Nordic in me again as they are picked from the forests of Sweden ¬†and their surroundings, and aren’t simply bush grown. Believe me, there is a difference!

CratesSadly over the years I’ve broken a few through countless¬†moves, but I still have 4 that have made it through! I’ve used them in every way you can think of. From just shelves on an ikea storage shelf unit, to paper recylers, a night stand, and now as an occasional table. I just love the fact I can hide so much stuff in them and they still look great. They’re quite fantastic¬†in many different interior styles as well. And as my hubs also mentioned, you can paint them whatever colour you want to suit your interior. We haven’t gotten around toBoxes doing that as that is one of his manly man duties which he one day needs to also finish. Spray paint tends to be quick, cheap, and fast, but you can find whatever paint that tickles your fancy. ¬†You simply wouldn’t believe just how much these small boxes can conceal. Not to mention you¬†can usually get them for free if you just know where to ask or look. Try a few caf√©s around where you live, supermarkets, flee markets, or even just sometimes outside shops. If you wanna get some juice as well as¬†crates then order some juice from the Saxhyttegubbe online store! ūüėÄ I’ve also often seen apple crates for really cheap on Gumtree or Etsy, or if you want more bespoke ones you can try¬†www.crates4you.com . The wooden crates are great for a rustic or traditional look, or if you’re going for that country/barn style¬†of look. We have quite a simplistic scandinavian style and it works brilliantly with that as well. So have a look around and see what you can do with some free (or at least cheap), versatile boxes! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!