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Day 51 – SturdiBag


Thanks again to our friend and Oscar carer Maya for being in today, we got our large black SturdiBag dog carrier today! It was so easy to set up and oh my gosh does it squish down into the smallest of spaces!! I am SO glad we ended up buying this! All I had to do was stick in the mattress that came with it and Oscar was already crawling inside. Something tells me he will take to his new bag with ease 😛 If anyone was debating to get a Sturdibag then I say go for it! I found ours from Zooplus.co.uk that had a sale on for £49.90, but I secretly got an additional 10% off as well so only paid £44.91 down from £100+ from some sites! Score! Seriously, this bag is so great!! Can’t wait to use it when we fly to Finland next month!

Day 47 – Maya, Our Hair Model Saviour!

Maya Rosengren

Thank you Maya for today and for agreeing to help look after our little baby next week! We officially declared it summer with some Prosecco, berries, and baguettes in the park, while slowly building up our base for our summer tans 😀 Jake, thank you as well for saying you could help us too!! Here’s to some great friends and the beginning of summer 2014 ❤ ❤

Day 46 – Juhannus in Finland

Finnair Juhannus Tickets

We could just about get tickets for us to come to Finland for Juhannus! And yes, we are bringing the dog 🙂 (that turned out to be another headache and a half… hope they let him on with his carrier!) A trip to mökki (our summer cottage) is SO overdue!!

Day 45 – Audrey Hepburn ‘Nothing is impossible’

Audrey Hepburn Graffiti

Had such a wonderful sunny day today with the hubs and our little Oscar. While walking to Waterlow Park I stumbled upon this Audrey Hepburn Graffiti and, I don’t know, it just made me smile! Even as wall art/graffiti she still comes off so poised and inspirational! “Nothing is Impossible” indeed 🙂 

Day 38 – Puppy Class


Whoa time flies when your too tired to notice! Hehe! Second week of puppy class with Oscar already! He is such a brave and social little guy… perhaps a tad tooooo social and friendly sometimes. We noticed a little bit of humpage today. Time to start thinking of the ol’ snipetty snip I think 😛