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Day 38 – Puppy Class


Whoa time flies when your too tired to notice! Hehe! Second week of puppy class with Oscar already! He is such a brave and social little guy… perhaps a tad tooooo social and friendly sometimes. We noticed a little bit of humpage today. Time to start thinking of the ol’ snipetty snip I think 😛 

Day 30 – Microchip

Battersea Dogs & Cats HomeToday we went to the Battersea Dogs & Cats home in London with the hubs to get our wee little pup microchipped! It was his first outing and trip on the tube and he did SO well! The vets loved him as well and so did the tube onlookers 🙂 Oh and as a side note; anyone who wants to get their pet microchipped head over to Battersea, because you can have it done there for free and save £30! As of 2016 its going to be a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped so might as well get it while its still free 🙂 Vets usually charge from £25-£40 for the service. We also purchased a few items from the Battersea shop to support their great causes! Heck, why not! We just saves ourselves £30 😛