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Day 82 – Flying With Our Dog on Finnair

Flying With A Dog On Finnair

So lots of people have been asking me how we took our dog over from the UK to Finland via flying. To answer a few questions:

1) Yes, we flew.

2) Yes, he came in as hand luggage, which means he just goes under our seat.

3) No, its not expensive. Only 40 euros. and lastly;

4) Yes, it can be a bit complicated with all the paperwork required, etc. Especially on returning to the UK!

That all said he was simply the best traveller! All that early socialisation and getting him used to all sorts of transport really truly paid off! He didn’t mind one bit, not a single peep. He just slept and one looked up for a little scratch. Trip through the airport was easy too and for once I saw the security guys smile and be nice (I think we can all agree on how un-friendly they can be..). It was such a great trip I really didn’t want to start work again and go back to reality! More pics to follow from our little vaca later on ūüôā And if ANYONE has ANY questions on how to fly, etc, with their dog, please feel free to ask! It can really be quite a hassle in the UK if you don’t know what to do. I’m so happy we can travel with our little Boston Terrier ūüôā He’s such a braze good boy! ‚̧

P.s. Below are pics of Oscar in his SturdiBag! The bag is AMAZING. Finnair only has 20cm of room and this bag really used¬†all the room possible! Oscar didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. If anyone out there is trying to think of a bag to get, I couldn’t recommend the SturdiBag more!! We have the large black version as you can see. It was so flexible, super light, and not that expensive. We paid ¬£44.91 for it from Zooplus! It has tons of ventilation, great zippers that even lock so if you have cats they can’t get out, a soft pad attached with velcro, a comfy carrier strap, and best of all Oscar took to it immediately. The installation was minimal and as you can see form the pics below it fit in the plane just fine. I think Finnair tends to put pets in the middle seat as they are a tad “wider” in the foot space area. And because the SturdiBag smushes when pushed, but retains it shape, it simply becomes flatter, but wider. So our Boston Terrier still had plenty of room. Well, as plenty as a plane will allow ūüėÄ Even us humans are sardines in them.. Anyway, if anyone has any questions about flying like I mentioned before, or about the SturdiBag, then don’t hesitate asking! Us pet lovers gotta stick together! ūüėõ

Flying With A Dog On Finnair Flying With A Dog On Finnair

Little White Shabby Chic Table

I have to start off by saying I had tons of fun yesterday at a friends BBQ and¬†Birthday in Holloway.. and yes I am now slightly suffering the consequences ūüėõ So I do apologise If what I’m going to write today might not be the most Shakespearean of pieces, but I will do my best! ūüôā

Holloway Penthouse View
The gorgeous view of London from my friends flat in Holloway yesterday at the BBQ

This then brings us to our bedroom, which is an ok size. I mean it fits a double bed, built in wardrobes, and theres still a little bit of room to walk around. However, having huge nightstands or bedside tables wouldn’t be the wisest of choices. Well ok lets be honest here, they wouldn’t fit.

Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table.

I had a 30cm gap to play with, and let me tell you this, finding a table or stand that looks nice and is in a good budget in that small of a space is tricky!! I tried to think outside of the box and even went so far as to look at piano stools, plant stands, and old vintage phone stands. All were OK options, but for some reason just didn’t resonate with me. They were also all a tad too high, and you don’t really want a bedside¬†table next to you where you have to reach up to get a glass of water or put your book on. Imagine knocking the table in your sleep a little and oops, the glass falls, and it all dribbles on top of your head. It’s not something I’d like, so i’m assuming I can’t be alone on that one :/

Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table. Black Shabby chic. French style side table.

I turned to eBay once again and found this store that does quite cute and shabby-chic French style furniture. I then found a table that really looked like it might fit! A shabby chic French style small side table. Although it was in a¬†golden colour with French text on it that wasn’t quite my taste, I still liked it. I’ve attached pictures of the tables the shop owner¬†has in store now as I can’t find the pictures of the golden one anymore. He has tons of items incase anyone wants to check it out! I sent the shop owner a message to get the measurements of the table. He responded on the same day and told me the measurements, which were (if I remember right)¬†25cm deep, 35 cm wide, and 40 cm high. That could not have been more perfect! The original table had some French writing on it and like I said was in a gold colour. I couldn’t see any other versions on his website, but before purchasing I decided to just go ahead and ask if he possibly has other ones in other colours that might not be up on eBay yet. Once again, he responded on the same day, courteous¬†as ever, and actually told me that If I wanted he could make a table from scratch to my exact liking if I wanted him to! It would only take a few days he said, and would cost the same amount as the original table (which might I add was a steal at ¬£29.95!! including P&P). I think he might have changed his P&P since then, but hey you never know if you don’t ask like I did, you might just get it for free or cheaper! ūüėõ Either way it would still be ¬£35.90, which is still a bargain for a ‘made just for you’ product! I then told him I wanted one in the same size, but without writing on it, and in just an off-white colour. He even went so far as to ask me what kind of finishing varnish I wanted on it! I told him to do whatever he thought was best as he is the pro ūüôā

White Shabby chic. French style side table. White Shabby chic. French style side table.

After about a week I got my product delivered in perfect condition. I absolutely love the small table! It fits in perfectly and I know that if I ever need to I can use it for different rooms in our house or if we ever move again I can definitely use the table in a different setting. This is one of the reasons I do like eBay or Etsy.. because you can ask the shop owners for things and 90% of the time they are more than happy to help out. I also much prefer giving my money to a hand crafted item that was made just for us, knowing that it will support a small business owner. If given the option I will always go down that route. Next time you see something that you really like, but might not be 100% exactly there yet, then why not just send a message to the shop owner! You never know, you might get a brilliant response from an owner like William from Willamfurniture! 

White Shabby chic. French style side table.

2 Piece Laundry/Storage Set – Handy and crafty!

I thought as I’ve been sitting at home sneezing and coughing away and finally had enough energy to make myself some mushroom, rice, and chicken soup that I would sit down and update my blog as well.

Premier Housewares 2-Piece Laundry Bin Set

I personally hate seeing laundry. It’s just gross. I mean who wants to sit in any room and have to stare at used undies or smelly socks? So when it comes to laundry I always think “out of sight, out of mind” is the way to go. I spent ages looking for a laundry set that would look nice, be in a budget, tie in with our bamboo/natural wood theme, and as usual serve another function than just a laundry bin. I finally found one on ACHICA, yet again! They had a brilliant sale on and I got the set for less than ¬£50! The set comes in a D-shape, so a half circle basically. I really liked this as I could easily push it up against the wall and make the space seem a bit larger. Not only that, but it has a comfy lil cushion top, which means it can also act as an occasional seat for surprise guests or parties. Actually, to be honest, I used both pieces as seats on my birthday a few months ago! Worked brilliantly!

Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set

I decided to use the larger “basket” as the actual laundry basket that we now use in the bathroom. It’s also nice because after a long bath you can have a comfy seat on it afterwards and your *ahem* bits don’t have to suffer the cold of the toilet seat. Not to mention it hides all the laundry as well ūüėÄ The smaller piece of the set I decided to use in our entrance¬†hallway as a small storage stool as well as a stool to sit on while you put on your shoes. It now houses a lot of random bits and bobs and things we want when we go out and quickly need them e.g. our umbrella, our picnic bits, etc.

Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set Premier Housewares 2 Piece Laundry Bin Set

You can find cheaper versions made in wicker or sea grass, but I just personally like bamboo more and thought I might as well spend the extra ¬£5-10 on something I like looking at, but it’s of course completely up to you! Do bare in mind though that those versions tend to not withstand weight a lot and can’t be used as seats..

Premier Housewares Laundry Bin Round Set

If you want to check out the Premier Range then head over to ACHICA, Wayfair, eBay, or then Variety as they seem to be selling them as well. The range comes in the D-Shape, Round, or Rectangular. If you want something more wooden then check out Ikea, they have a storage¬†unit a tad similar and you can always buy a cushion for the top if you want! I’m now going to make myself yet another Lemsip as my head is not my best friend at the moment ūüė¶ Stay healthy y’all!

Premier Housewares 41 cm Storage Set Premier Housewares Laundry Bin Rectangular

Ikea Fusion Table: Simple & Cheap Space-Saving wonder!

Having an open plan kitchen in a compact size lounge I already knew I wouldn’t be able to get that 50 foot dining table fit for kings and queens.. well or at least lesser lords and ladies ūüėõ ¬†I knew it was something I would really need to compromise on in the sense that I was always used to having quite large dining tables growing up and realised¬†moving to London I simply wouldn’t have that luxury anymore. At the same time however, I didn’t want anything half thought-out and at the same time I wanted it to be a budget table, because I figured out¬†I would inevitably upgrade when the day came to move.

Extended Hans Olsen Table Frem Rolje Table Set Hans Olsen Chairs Frem Rolje

When I first started to hunt for a table I really had my eye on a vintage Danish Hans Olsen teak table for¬†¬†Frem Rolje. I mean it was just perfect, so so perfect. It was sleek, beautiful, stylish, vintage, so well designed, and utterly space saving in ever sense. The chairs fit into the table, as well as only have 3 legs, so moving around them is a lot easier. The chairs are slightly reminiscent of the famous Costes chair designed by Philippe¬†Starck for the Caf√© Costes Chair Philippe StarckCostes restaurant in Paris in 1984. Philippe designed the Costes chair to make more room for the staff working in the caf√©. To be honest I have a feeling¬†Philippe had some inspiration from the Hans Olsen chairs as the Hans Olsen chairs and table were designed in 1953. Anyway, I fell in love with this set completely and wanted it so badly for our flat. The only sad part is.. the Hans Olsen teak table set sells for about ¬£2,500. You can get slightly cheaper “knock off” versions for about ¬£300-400, but that idea just depressed me. Not because they were replica’s, but they were bad replicas. I have nothing against getting replicas usually as I know from industry experience replicas are most of the time made in the same factories as the originals anyway, but sadly these knock offs were just not made to the same measurements and were a lot clunkier and didn’t have the same appeal. That said though, I had a bid on one on eBay and someone did the classic “last second bid” move on me and I lost my bid. So after that I really lost heart and thought I wouldn’t find any decent table for our flat anymore. Inevitably, even I knew the bid I was paying for was a tad high (at the time it was ¬£270), but it was just so perfect, and have I mentioned¬†extendable as well?! I always think something that you truly believe in is worth spending that little bit extra on. However, like I said, that dream was gone after I realised someone bought the set from right under my nose during literally the last seconds of the bid.

Ikea Fusion Table Ikea Fusion Table

This ALL happened in a space of about 2 hours when the hubs and I were going through Ikea up in North London looking for some cheap bits and bobs (and candles, I’m addicted to them). When we were walking around I noticed a table I surprisingly haven’t noticed before. The tables name was Fusion and it was displayed in the Ikea dinging table section. I got so excited about it because it was as close to the original table that I knew I was never going to get to. Now I have to say, I hardly ever buy Ikea furniture. It’s just a personal preference. I like my items to be “unique” in some sense. Also I always feel like Ikea can sometimes look way too scandinavian and way too mainstream. But this table got me, and it got me good ūüėõ Sadly, of course with my luck, the table was ALL out of stock.. from the WHOLE of the UK! Yup, we asked and called and did stock checks and there were a total of 3 tables left in the ¬†whole UK Ikea stock, 2 in the brown colour, and 1 in the lighter colour that we wanted. None of which were even close to where we lived. The staff even told me the table might be discontinued. I was SO beyond upset. I really felt like I wanted to cry, because finally I found a table that would do everything we wanted, with the budget we wanted, and was right there, in front of me, but we couldn’t even buy it. We even asked if we can buy the display one and the manager told us we couldn’t ūüė¶ So, we took the long ride home where I sat sulking all the way. My hubs thankfully is so understanding and really tried to stay positive and console me. Yes, I know how sad it is that I can get this upset about furniture, but honestly… you have no idea how much time and research¬†I put into things, and when the idea in my head doesn’t follow through – when I’m so close I can touch it – a simple sigh just wont do anymore. I was also still so freshly distraught over the whole eBay impasse.

Ikea Fusion Table Ikea Fusion Table

So, we get home and I immediately jump on the computer to see where we can get the Fusion table from. I got onto eBay, found a lovely couple that was selling it for ¬£100 (its ¬£180 in store by the way) for collection, and were in London! YAY! ūüėÄ All I had to do now was grab it! But, as always, I had to bargain. Me being me. I messaged the owners and managed to get the price down to ¬£90 if we came to collect it the next day. We managed to get a van for free for the day from the company the hubs works for, picked it up, set it up, and I couldn’t be more thrilled! We saved a total of ¬£90 in the end! I could have of course gotten it for even cheaper, but I didn’t want to travel outside of London or wait for a bid to end. And also the other cheaper options were damaged in some ways or another, so this was definitely the best at the time!

Ikea Fusion Table

Ok, so its not the vintage designer piece I wished it to be, but it was definitely the more sensible option and it does the trick just perfectly! I love the shade of it, and the size of it is just perfect for our wee open kitchen/lounge. I can really see how the designer of the table,¬†Sandra Kragnert, must have taken inspiration from the Hans Olsen table. And lets face it, the Costes chairs as well. The table we have is preloved, but it just adds to the character. And its still in perfect shape! The chairs fit flush agains the table to save space and the rounded edges of the table give the set a softer tone all around. The rounded edges¬†¬†also add to illusion, as sharp edges tend to draw your eye to them. The space created below the table by the airy legs of the chairs and table also make the area seem “airier”, which in turn makes the space seem larger as you’re eyes can look through this. Now, this won’t be my first post about preloved items. I think the best thing we as consumers these days can do is reuse what we already have. Perhaps one of my DIY projects in the future might be to reupholster the seats or then buy some lamb throws to check on em to make em a bit more textured, but thats for another day and another budget ūüėõ

Ikea Fusion Table


What are your thoughts on reusing and on this space saving table in general? Would you forgo your vintage table for one that does the same things and saves over ¬£2000? Especially if the final price is a fantastic ¬£90? If you have a small dining space to play with, then I really do suggest this Ikea Fusion table. And if you’re like me and don’t mind some items being preloved, then head on over to gumtree or eBay and see what there is on offer!¬†

Ikea Fusion Table Ikea

Magnetic Stainless Steel Hooks – Space-saving, strong, versatile, and oh so cheap!

A product with endless uses! A wonder of an interior design idea! I stumbled upon magnetic hooks after spending hours looking for the perfect coat stand. If you suffer from a small flat, or a small hallway, then you might have also gone through the same issues as I have.

Magnetic Hooks

I spent hours trying to find a coat stand that would fit perfectly in our small hallway and wouldn’t take too much room. Also, if you’re renting (like we are) then the option of having coat hanging systems drilled into the walls simply isn’t there. I eventually had to give up on the idea as the ones I liked were too pricey and the ones that were in our budget were simply too ugly.

We have a very tiny hallway and I knew I wanted to keep it clutter free. I believe a lot (ok, ok, to a certain extent) in the power of feng shui. There are lots of things to follow and learn according to feng shui, so it’s quite impossible to keep up with it all, but a lot of it I actually quite agree with. And according to feng shui the entrance to your home, or your front hallway, can be compared to the oesophagus of the human body. It needs to be clear, clutter free, light, and airy. It’s vital to keep the entrance clear because if you’re entrance – or your ‘oesophagus – can’t breath, then your home can’t breath. It can immediately cause tension and negativity the moment you step in your home. In respect to the front door, it can also be compared to the human mouth. We breath, and we also eat using our mouths. We get nourishment via our mouths. If your mouth can’t open or can’t provide you nourishment, then you will directly suffer because of¬†it. The same applies to¬†our homes’ front doors. If it can’t open or if the good feng shui can’t get in through¬†it properly, then your home will suffer. So in this sense I highly understand and respect feng shui. I agree that the front door and your hallway should be simple and clutter free. Of course sometimes there are just things out of our control, like how the flat is built and where the door is, etc etc, but you can always work on them or make the best of the situation. And thats exactly what I needed to do.

Magnetic Hooks

We have a small hallway and not much room, so in the end I decided I really can’t clutter it up with a coat stand.. not even shoes (but thats for another post! ūüėČ ). Hence, after tons of research and some creative thinking I thought to myself “hey, the door has a metallic automatic door closer… why not get magnetic hooks and stick them on that¬†and just use our actual door as a coat hanger?” and thats exactly what I did. Save space, save time, but best yet , save money! Then started the long and frugal process of finding a magnetic hooks that didn’t take too much surface area, were¬†actually strong enough to withstand sufficient amounts of weight, and were cost effective.

Magnetic Hooks

I ultimately found the perfect hooks from eBay! They came in two different sizes and thus two different strengths. The smaller size that held less weight was ¬£1.89 for two. I opted for the larger size as I wanted to make sure our coats wouldn’t fall, and hey, for ¬£1 more I didn’t think it was such a huge deal breaker¬†ūüėõ The hooks came in a packet of two for a price of ¬£2.89 INCLUDING delivery! You’ve got to love my frugality ;P I knew I wanted more than two, so I simply ordered 2 sets of two. The shop online only sells them in pairs and the next size up from that is a packet of 10. And I didn’t exactly need that many hooks! Four will do just fine for us ūüôā So I thought for a total price of ¬£5.78 I might as well give them a try. I ordered from the eBay shop andelite0 and waited for the delivery. The delivery came within 2 days, so that was great!¬†I came home and gave them a try, and low and behold.. they actually worked! I absolutely love them. If you didn’t actually know any better or pay attention to them you would actually think it was part of the door. Tons of friends actually asked me where I got them from and told me what a great idea it was.¬†By using the hooks I can still move them around, or even remove them altogether if I want. Not to mention the fact I now saved a load of space in our small front hallway. The larger hooks (which are the ones we got) can hold up to 15 lbs of weight. Thats almost 7 kg! They definitely hold a few jackets on them, but of course if you put too many on one hook the hook will eventually start to slide off, but that has hardly ever¬†happened. The actual hook part spins 360 degrees so you can have it facing whichever¬†way you want. Meaning even if you have them¬†under something, or on the side of something, you can still move the hook around to face the direction you want it to face. We use them both ways to really get the most out of them!

Magnetic Hooks


At the end of the day if you’re looking for a different way to hang up your coats, jackets, and scarfs, then why not give magnetic hooks a try! I love how much space we managed to save in our hallway by doing this, plus really not spending any money¬†at all! What do you think? If you’re in the same pickle and can’t (or don’t want to) drill permanent holes into walls then check them out and see what you think! Just attach them to any metal surface and voil√†!

Magnetic Hook Magnetic Hook


Storage Sofa Bed – Multifunctional, Cheap, & Space Saving

The 2nd most important purchase you will probably ever have to make for your flat is the sofa/couch. I spent ages pulling my hair out on the verge of a mini breakdown trying to find a very specific type of sofa bed. I knew I had to work with a small flat and knew I wanted ¬†a corner sofa. I knew we had no storage what-so-ever. I knew I needed it to be a bed as well, because inevitably friends and family are going to sleep over. And I knew I needed it to be cheap and under ¬£500. You have to think about your sofa – much like your bed – being an investment and not just a quick purchase. A good sofa should last you years and should be versatile enough to get you through seasons. It should also portray your personality. I like my surroundings to be¬†simple and clear, but thats not to say I don’t love flats with funky sofas.

Storage Corner Sofa Bed Storage Corner Sofa Bed

Now I’m telling you from the get go… finding a decent sofa let alone a decent sofa bed for that sort of budget is painstakingly difficult. Especially when it came to all the boxes I needed it to tick. I looked everywhere. I mean EVERYwhere. I almost started crying it was that dire. I didn’t want to just settle and buy something I knew eventually would not satisfy me, but at the same time I knew I simply couldn’t stretch my budget.¬†I needed something to fit, look amazing, do the job, and not make me die from malnutrition since I wouldn’t be able to afford food for months after purchasing it. Don’t get me wrong, I did find cheaper sofa beds than the one we opted for, but none that had as much storage space, was as multifunctional, or looked as stylish¬†as ours. I wanted something simple, elegant, and modern. Something neutral, since neutral sofa’s are usually the best way to go. You can always bring them to life or change their look with colourful throws or cushions. I also knew I didn’t want anything 100% black. It’s¬†great if you have the space for it, but having a small flat, black is a no no, because it simply sucks up all the light and makes everything look smaller, and the item look bigger. I also knew I didn’t want anything 100% white either as I don’t want to deal with the constant terror of getting it dirty. So… I was left with brown or grey, and in my opinion grey is a lot more workable. Not to mention grey is in at the moment. Grey is a cool colour associated with metals, but can be great as it can be made either more masculine, or feminine. It gives a crisp finish and acts as a clear canvas. As grey is also neither black nor white, it is essentially viewed as void of¬†¬†colour, and this gives it it’s wonderful ability¬†of not drawing too much attention to it. This makes grey a great cloaking colour and perfect for smaller spaces. White is always best as they make rooms look larger, but like I stated already , I personally wanted to avoid white as I can’t be bothered picking out every hair and follicle that decides to inevitably make its home on a white sofa.

Storage Corner Sofa Bed Storage Corner Sofa Bed


I finally found a Polish store on eBay that sold sofas called Meblolandnet. They were quite cheap, but most of all, a lot of them seemed to have great space saving solutions! I found ours for ¬£399 plus ¬£59 postage and packaging. The corner sofa came with 2 pillows and one black adjustable headrest. The service also included door to door delivery and set up. And the best part.. you didn’t have to pay UNTIL the item was delivered! Meaning we only had to pay if and when the sofa came. This made me feel a lot more secure about the whole thing as I knew I had nothing to lose.

Storage Corner Sofa Bed Storage Corner Sofa BedStorage Corner Sofa Bed


Our sofa has 2 relatively huge storage compartments and a pull out feature for the bed. Remember a lot of the clutter from previous posts? Well, this is where the other 30% or so has managed to go into! One compartment we use for miscellaneous stuff and DVD’s for easier reach, and the other for guest bedding and pillows. One of the armrests actually has shelves built into it, utilising that space as well, and could for instance have books or DVD’s displayed in them. The other armrest has a shelf along the inside of it as well, creating a hole, and thus creating more “air around it” making the space seem larger and more usable. The tops of the armrests also have a wooden panel on them, which virtually gives you more room and functionality as well. It’s a great place to keep your drinks when you’re having a cuppa or a nice area to have candles on.

Storage Corner Sofa Bed Storage Corner Sofa Bed

Sadly enough though the company no longer trades on eBay. And to be honest I’m not surprised. As with anything cheap it always comes at a price. The price we paid meant we had to wait for a month to receive the sofa (not too bad actually!), but when they finally did deliver they delivered at 1:20 AM! At which point it was WAY too late to start assembling the couch in our flat, even though the poor Polish delivery men said they would and could. Their communication skills with customers are lets say, subpar. The hubs was so heated about the delivery that he actually managed to grab ¬£20 off the final price as the delivery was hideously unacceptable.

Enzo Corner Sofa Bed

However, thats about the only negative thing I can say. The final product is amazing, the quality is great, the look is fantastic, and the sheer functionality of the sofa still makes me smile! They still sell via their own website (in Polish however), but if you don’t mind waiting or having a delivery possibly arrive in the early hours of morning/late hours of night, then definitely give them a look! Their prices are still very competitive and they have some pretty good solutions. You can also use google translate to translate their website (thats what I do sometimes) to help you navigate it. I’m not entirely sure if they still deliver to the UK, but it’s still worth a look to see what is out there and what the potential is to get with your money. All in all I’m thrilled with our sofa, where¬†the hubs and I spend weekends with it pulled out just watching movies and snuggling up. At a total of ¬£438, I think we got ourselves a winner! What do you think? I apologise in advance for the pictures and at my pathetic attempt to put things in the shelves, but wanted you to just have an idea of what they look like (yes yes I’ll spice the sofa¬†up with pillows and throws later, but thats for another post! ūüėÄ )

Crates/Wooden Boxes – Storage never looked so good or natural!


I kind of have a thing for crates and wooden boxes. They’re so adaptable and look great! Not to mention either cheap or even free (if you know where to look), and guess what – have storage! For me thats already everything I need. They tend to come in good sizes as well so you can fit them into small spaces, which is exactly how we ended up using them. I used to work in a place that got a delivery of¬†Saxhyttegubben Bl√•bar juice and they delivered the juices in these beautiful wooden crates. Those¬†crates were then never collected back by the company so we either had to throw them away or, if you smart like me, keep them! Oh and as a side note the juices are SO delicious! Really hit the good ol’ Nordic in me again as they are picked from the forests of Sweden ¬†and their surroundings, and aren’t simply bush grown. Believe me, there is a difference!

CratesSadly over the years I’ve broken a few through countless¬†moves, but I still have 4 that have made it through! I’ve used them in every way you can think of. From just shelves on an ikea storage shelf unit, to paper recylers, a night stand, and now as an occasional table. I just love the fact I can hide so much stuff in them and they still look great. They’re quite fantastic¬†in many different interior styles as well. And as my hubs also mentioned, you can paint them whatever colour you want to suit your interior. We haven’t gotten around toBoxes doing that as that is one of his manly man duties which he one day needs to also finish. Spray paint tends to be quick, cheap, and fast, but you can find whatever paint that tickles your fancy. ¬†You simply wouldn’t believe just how much these small boxes can conceal. Not to mention you¬†can usually get them for free if you just know where to ask or look. Try a few caf√©s around where you live, supermarkets, flee markets, or even just sometimes outside shops. If you wanna get some juice as well as¬†crates then order some juice from the Saxhyttegubbe online store! ūüėÄ I’ve also often seen apple crates for really cheap on Gumtree or Etsy, or if you want more bespoke ones you can try¬†www.crates4you.com . The wooden crates are great for a rustic or traditional look, or if you’re going for that country/barn style¬†of look. We have quite a simplistic scandinavian style and it works brilliantly with that as well. So have a look around and see what you can do with some free (or at least cheap), versatile boxes! You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

Storage Storage Storage (Bed) & Memory Foam Mattresses

Ahhhh – the bed. Probably the most important thing you would need to buy for your flat is the bed.¬†It’s where you rejuvenate, sleep, relax, and… uhm… do.. other things *ahem*.. Anyway, I think we can all agree its something you should probably invest in slightly. I mean who’s favourite part of the day isn’t snuggling up under a nice duvet¬†in a plush bed? But who said a bed has to stop there?

When we accepted our flat we knew it was going to be unfurnished and thats exactly what we wanted. Because for once we didn’t want to live in a place where every single piece of furniture looked like it came out of about 90 different studens’ uni years. Also, I was¬†definitely aware of the serious storage issues we would face and knew when we moved in I¬†would have to be smart about things. I would say I spent a good 3 weeks trying to find good beds that made sense, looked alright, felt comfy, but at the same time was multi-functional! i.e. it REALLY needed to be more than just a bed. Thats when operation hide-all-the-crap started.

The first thing we had to agree on together collectively was the size of the bed. We both compromised and knew we couldn’t get a king size (well we could have, but then that would be our bedroom… one massive mattress..) and settled for double. But because of this we also agreed that we wouldn’t buy the most expensive double bed we could get as one day we would want to upgrade. So, the frugal obsesssive research began.

Memory Foam Mattress

I ¬†quickly came to realise I wanted to try out a memory foam mattress as my sister and her hubs recently got one and I read up on so many great benefits of having one. Some of which include better sleep, less back pain, more allergy friendly, and most importantly for us was the fact that if one person moved on the bed, the other person wouldn’t bounce around and feel it! If you’re anything like me then memory foam mattresses are great! I sleep like a drunken star fish. I flop around and take over massive amounts of space. Then adding to that the fact I still to this day have not learned to not drink loads of water before bed, makes me need to pee in the middle of the night. This used to wake the hubs up, but ta-dah not anymore! Plus when you have a big bulky muscleman sleeping next to you¬†on a normal bed, the second they move, the drunken star fish bounces up on the other side of the bed and wakes up. A foam mattress actually stops that almost 100%.¬†In regards¬†to the mattress, you¬†can find TONS of different variations, but what we went for was a medium¬†Halo Memory 250 Mattress with Pillows from worldstores. And oh my god do I love it. Both of us moan with happiness when we get to lie¬†in our bed, its that amazing! Once you get the mattress though you¬†just have to let it rise (along with the pillows) for a good 24 hours before using it as they come vacuum packed. It’s also a bit factory stinky at first, but that goes away quite fast. However, a mattress is a mattress… we still actually need to get to the storage¬†bed. As I said we needed a bed that actually served more than just a place to sleep, it needed to have a function.

IMG_4107I spent that 3¬†weeks checking GroupOn, online sources, bed stores, etc, for a storage bed. All of them were either quite hideous, hella expensive, or the storage space provided by them was just pointless or completely unmentioned. The problem still remained – we have all those¬†suitcases we HAVE to put¬†somewhere. And my massive one simply doesn’t fit in the other “storage” beds because of the lack of – yup – storage! I wasn’t kidding before when I said we have absolutely no storage space, none, nada, zip. I finally found a deal on worldstores for both the mattress mentioned before, and a Genoa Ottoman Bedstead. At the end we managed to grab the whole set (with pillows!) for less than ¬£332! (Shhh if you buy em together you get an additional discount). Thats less than a double bed and mattress from Ikea! A NORMAL bed et co from Ikea! I was so happy! Not to mention the fact that the customer service I got from worldstores was actually quite great! I asked them loads of questions and measurements about the storage bed before I even went and bought it. The delivery was fast, cheaper than other places, and actually on time (for once!).

The bed¬†was kinda fun setting up with the hubs as we both got to bicker at each-other while trying to figure out how to work the “pump” mechanism. I.e the thing that helps the bed move up. Now, remember the previous post with the huge amounts of luggage and Storage Bedother miscellaneous stuff? Guess where 65% of that all went! Yup, INSIDE the bed! This was and still is an absolute saviour when it comes to hiding all the unused things we have! If you have serious storage issues and have a small flat I really do recommend a storage bed! It works just as well, is just as sturdy, looks great, is cheap, but actually serves more of a function than just a simple frame. Also, I’m all about¬†clear surfaces, probably the Nordic¬†¬†in me. I literally get stressed if I see a mess. So this was perfect for hiding clutter.¬†Out of sight, out of mind! If you need any more information or have any questions about what type of storage bed or mattress to go for, believe me, I am your man. As I have spent more than my fair share staring at hundreds (literally) of different ones as well as¬†trying to find one with the right budget. And what bliss it turned out to be! Clutter be gone and sleep be good! Oh so so good.


And so it begins… The Frugal Interior Addict

This is going to be the very first post on this blog and one I’m really excited about because I get to blab about my favourite subject! Interior design! Ok, plus it’s a fun way to keep my mom in check of whats happening as well . So, as we know, I live in the ever so glamorous London… or not. More like I’m always too broke to do anything and now understand how well off we all had it when we still lived with our parents. I mean I literally feel as though at the end every month I’m excited to finally get that paycheque, only to have half of it fly right out my window and into the hands of another person. But, hey-ho I suppose thats life and like everyone else I just grin and accept thats how things roll in London. At least I have a roof over my head! Have to be happy about that fact.

My whole life I’ve managed to more or less work in the same area, which is design. I studied business and marketing and actually managed good grades, but like any uni student, I quickly figured out I have no idea what on earth I wanna do. But somehow something always drew me back to interiors and everything it comes with really. And this is what I want to share with the world.

I want to bring to others what I obsess over… I mean literally obsess over. I can spend eons fussing over a throw for the couch (and oh my god don’t even get me started on the couch factor!). I struggle with – and I know I simply can’t be the only one out there – serious space issues, storage issues, and lastly budget issues. As much as I’d LOVE to have a credit card that never ceases to have funds in it, reality is, I don’t and every time I want to furnish our new flat out with something I have to go out with a very strict budget in mind before I can even start. Finding stylish, yet affordable (and functionable!) solutions for our wee little flat is a constant up-hill battle for me, and I love it!

Being at a certain age now I’ve really come to terms with what it is I like and how I want my everyday surroundings to make me feel.¬†And this is the journey to that.

IMG_4064 IMG_4065 IMG_4066 IMG_4068

The hubs is going to hate me for this, but this was our move in day… no storage what so ever and the bed only came the night before. Mission impossible to get all of our stuff fitted somewhere began. And when I say we had no storage space, I truly and utterly mean it. No attic, no cupboards, no place to hide anything. No place to put a vacuum cleaner into either! Well, now that theres literally a clear picture of where it all began the process of obsessive research can begin ūüėõ