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Day 52 – Honeywell Fan

Honeywell Oscillating Pedestal Fan.

Our black Honeywell oscillating pedestal fan came! This summer the hubs and I are preparing ourselves early!! No more hunting down the last fans in London due to heat-waves! No more having to manually try and start a fan by spinning it by hand for 5 minutes. It’s all set up now and came super quickly! Thankfull we have an Argos just down the road and got it for £39.99 😛 Come on heat waves! I dare you to challenge us this summer! 

Day 47 – Maya, Our Hair Model Saviour!

Maya Rosengren

Thank you Maya for today and for agreeing to help look after our little baby next week! We officially declared it summer with some Prosecco, berries, and baguettes in the park, while slowly building up our base for our summer tans 😀 Jake, thank you as well for saying you could help us too!! Here’s to some great friends and the beginning of summer 2014 ❤ ❤

Day 23 – Spring Flowers

Spring Flowers

Trying to stay positive while having a mild fever and a serious cold! Decided to look out our windows today and found out that the flowers we potted in February are now finally starting to grow! YAY! So of course I went on a watering frenzy 😛  Actually have no idea what we potted anymore, so it shall all be a surprise when they bloom! 😀