The Frugal Interior Addict

I’ve been working in either interior or design related jobs almost my whole working life. I’ve really come to realise how much I can obsess and spend hours in an interior design shop just looking. This said: Space, time, money… London in general! I want to have  a home that I love, that looks great, but don’t have to spend my life’s savings on trying to achieve. I spend DAYS obsessing over purchases. Seriously, to the point where friends tell me to leave them alone and my hubby eventually just says “Just-pick-one! They’re all the same anyway!”… Well, to me they’re not… If I’m going to have to spend every single day of my life having to use or see something then it damn well be perfect… or as close to perfect as I can get it with my ridiculously high expectations and strict  low budgets.  Hopefully my hours and hours and even sometimes weeks worth of research will help even ONE person decide on something and save their friends/spouses the trouble of what mine go through 😛 

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